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Welcome to ArunBook, the ultimate digital library of Arunachal Pradesh designed to revolutionize the way you access and explore information.

Our Goals

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ArunBook is a unique digital library that proudly showcases the rich history, culture, and linguistic diversity of Arunachal Pradesh. Immerse yourself in a collection of books and resources that delve into the indigenous communities, their art forms, festivals, and way of life, capturing the essence of the region's traditions and folklore. Discover the works of Arunachal authors who beautifully portray the unique heritage of the state. ArunBook also caters to the educational needs of Arunachal Pradesh, providing a comprehensive range of textbooks, study guides, and supplementary resources tailored to the region's curriculum. With a focus on localized content, ArunBook empowers students to excel in their studies and educators to deliver effective instruction, ensuring access to quality educational resources specifically designed for Arunachal Pradesh.

Our Motto

Chanphua Wangsu — Founder of ArunBook

Bringing the treasures of Arunachal Pradesh’s knowledge and culture to the world, ArunBook is a testament to the power of local voices and the importance of accessible education. Together, let us ignite the flames of curiosity, celebrate indigenous wisdom, and empower minds to reach new heights of intellectual growth.

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